n7ET MHack 0.2B - Return to Castle Wolfenstein Hack

copy opengl32.dll & menu.wav into your ET folder where the ET.exe is located, and run ET

menu hotkey:
'ALT' + 'X' turns the ingame menu on/off

menu navigation:
hold 'ALT' and navigate with the 'ARROW KEYS' to select things
'ALT' + 'DOWNARROW' = menudown
'ALT' + 'RIGHTARROW' = select/activate

using autoaim:
1. turn on the ingame menu
2. first you have to select your aimkey + team you want to aim at (shiftaim at axis or ctrl aim at allies or whatever)
3. you must select the map you are playing on, 'CM Map Goldrush' for example
this way autoaim is able to difference between axis and allies players
4. look at the enemy and keep the aimkey pressed
5. if you don't want colored models you can turn them off with the 'CModels oFF' option

- aaim only works in fullscreen mode, in 640x480, 800x600 & 1024x768 properly
- doas not work with inverted mouse

known bugs:
- after a new map has been loaded the texture values change and wallhack and colors will look buggy, do /vid_restart to fix
- aiming at dead bodys
- colored models might be little buggy on certain maps

changes 0.2b:
- fixed aim at weapons, radar parts, truck, tank, mg
- removed fullbright
- added rainbow colored weapons/items
- added nosmoke/nogras/x


Improvements said...

O.O where is the download link?

Anonymous said...

yeah really nice explain but no download