RtCW Aimbot

Here are some colored skins wich work with OGC aimbot.

Unrar one of them into your /wolfdir/main/ folder.
OGC Aimbot can be placed anywhere you like
Prob only works on unpure servers.

pak99_A.rar (pak99_A.pk3)
--This has blue allied skins and red axis skins (their orange in RtCW)
-OGC Aimbot valeus:

to aim at allies:
-red: 0
-green: 0
-blue: 255

to aim at axis:
-red: 170
-green: 85
-blue: 0

I left all the other values on default exect screen resolution.
Make sure you have set the correct resolution in the settings of aimbot.


Anonymous said...

hello mate
pour cheater sur enemy territory
c est ici

Anonymous said...

it doesnt work for me in rtcw?

maybe i have wrong download please post here